Field figures:

  • 143 tobacco growers directly benefited

  • More than 10,750 people indirectly employed

  • 31,710 people benefited in the seven tobacco-growing states

  • 2,166 hectares of tobacco planted

  • 6231 tons of tobacco produced in Venezuela, resulting in the need to import less

  • 15,000 trees planted

  • 10 agro-forestry nurseries set up in schools offering basic education

  • 50 teachers trained in biodiversity preservation issues

  • 10,904 used containers collected and then recycled to manufacture hoses and pipes for agricultural use

90 years being more than a company…For the past 28 years, Heberto Brett has been growing tobacco on his farm in Cojedes. Thanks to Bigott and the support of 80 workers, he has managed to become a successful grower of a variety of crops. He began working with tobacco and with the company’s full support, he obtained earnings that he then used to diversify and expand the number of crops produced on his farm, La Brequera. Besides tobacco, his main crop, he also grows corn, rice, tomatoes, and sugarcane.

Bigott buys its tobacco in Venezuela and lends a helping hand by arranging financing for tobacco growers. La Brequera is just one example of the backing Bigott provides for 150 tobacco producers. Tobacco occupies less than 0.10% of the cultivable area in Venezuela, which is used in rotation with other crops. Bigott, through the efforts of a highly qualified technical team, contributes to improving the training, productivity and working conditions of farmers and also to preserving the environment.

More than a company, Bigott is…All you need to do is to talk with Enrique Moreno, president of the Venezuelan Association of Tobacco Growers (Avenculta), to realise that cultivating this crop is his passion; that it’s in his blood. When reminiscing, telling anecdotes or explaining the daily rounds of a tobacco grower during the nine months it takes to grow and harvest the crop, his voice vibrates with commitment to the occupation in which he and his father and great grandfathers before him have excelled.  “They brought me up with tobacco production. A lot of families have earned a living from tobacco, not only ours, but the families of so many growers who work the land with us,” he says.  

Preserving riparian forests complying with global sustainability policies for the responsible production of tobacco crops, Bigott has been developing strategies for the conservation of riparian forests in areas where tobacco is cultivated and organises tree-planting drives that involve the company, the community, and farmers. So, together, they set an example and encourage others to repeat these experiences throughout the country. 

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